About Us

Hello from Lew and Ginny, your hosts on this adventure.

In my teens, my parents rented a pop-up camper for a vacation in Minnesota and Canada.  They liked it well enough to purchase a new 1963 Shasta 16′ travel trailer.  Our family of 7 traveled in it all over the west.  Later in life, I inherited that trailer and took it from coast to coast.  I eventually sold it and didn’t do any kind of camping for years.  I always wanted to combine my love of camping and my other passion, photography.

Step ‘n’ Wolf came about from our interest in boondocking. Boondocking is the choice of many to live in their cars, vans, trailers, motor homes, and other recreational vehicles on a part or full-time basis.

It was our initial plan to convert a step van, hence the word Step in our name. Wolf is my German Shepherd Dog Ginny who reminds me of a wolf.

Step ‘n’ Wolf is a takeoff from Steppenwolf, the rock band from the 60’s and 70’s that came out with many songs that were special to me.

It seems that instead of a step van conversion, we have gotten a trailer to use for our own boondocking adventures. I bought a Toyota Sequoia to pull the trailer.  I purchased an Arctic Fox 22QB in Tyler, TX.  So its first (and only trip) so far was to bring it home in October of 2020.

The trailer wasn’t treated badly, but it shows some age and I have also decided to install a solar system so there is plenty of trailer work to do.

I have been shooting 360-degree landscape photos for many years, including doing it professionally.  I am a Google-certified photographer.

My German Shepherd Dog named Ginny loves to be out in front working on the trailer as it gives her more to bark at than when in the back yard or house.

Check back for information on our trailer purchase and our initial adventures.

That’s us!

Lew and Ginny