Bringing the Wolf Wagon Home!

I just pulled “Wolf Wagon” out of the air, so that is it for now.  This new adventure started with the purchase of the Wolf Wagon in Tyler, TX.  Hitched it up and started the return trip.  Due to a late start in Tyler, we decided to pull over for the night at an Alon station in Harrold, TX.  We found a nice spot away from the semis that had grass alongside so we were set for the first night.  Ginny wasn’t quite sure what to do about things.  The trip in the vehicle is typical for her, and she is a trooper when it comes to driving long distances without a stop.

Here is a picture of my Sequoia and the Arctic Fox 22QB in tow.

Toyota Sequoia towing Northwood Arctic Fox 22QB

Humble Beginnings, a 1963 Shasta Trailer

1963 Shasta Travel Trailer

My family’s first RV was this 1963 Shasta 16′ travel trailer which took our family of seven all over the southwest. The picture shows my father helping clean out the trailer which was looking a little sad given it was 41 years old when this picture was taken in 2004.  Please note it still has the wings in the picture and when I sold it a few years after this picture was taken.  Note the hauling vehicle, a Tonka truck 🙂

This trusty trailer needed some repairs over time such as some leaf springs, new water tank, new flooring, and curtains.  The trailer took me from coast-to-coast while it was under my ownership.

This trailer had an icebox, yes, an icebox.  There was no bathroom, toliet or shower.  We did have a porta-a-potty which slid under the rear bed.

Shasta Air Flyte Deluxe brochure

Shasta Air Flyte Deluxe brochure