We are once again a land baron :)

OK….seems that a bunch of boondockers, nomads, off-gridders have chosen Apache County in Arizona as their place of choice.  The main reason is zoning laws are substantially more lax than where I was located in Yavapai County, primarily run by Californians who left California to get away from that system, only to bring their idiocy to Arizona.  Cochise County is even more lax, but the land down there is primarily creosote which I grew up with in El Paso and hated it then.

My parcel in Yavapai was 8 acres, the new parcel in Concho is 36+ acres with an “awesome” view and the surveyor said, “You can almost see New Mexico from there”.  Most of the property is level with the last 1/4 or so sloping down into a valley.  From that part of the property you can see the local valley to the east, a larger valley (Windsor) to the NE, and to the south, you can see the White Mountains in the distance. As the surveyor said, “awesome”.

The property came with a trailer that was bought new and parked there in 1996 and was obviously abandoned years ago.  The rats and weather have pretty much destroyed it, but then no value was placed on it regarding the purchase price.  It also has a nice little shed with a 300-gallon water tank, a Weber grill, and miscellaneous.

I will be improving the driveway so a CONEX can be delivered as well as to make it easier for guests to access the property.

Keep tuned!!

Lew and Ginny

Windsor Valley and the White Mountains

Windsor Valley and the White Mountains