We are becoming a land baron :)

OK, not really, but we are purchasing land in AZ as an off-grid property.

The land is mid-way between Williams and Kingman in the Seligman area.  From the I-40 exit, it is only 5 miles into the property so pretty convenient.  The location has cell signal service from all carriers, but maybe only 2-3 bars without a special antenna or booster.

The land has an arroyo running through it, more or less splitting the property.  The land is primarily juniper trees.

When I was looking at the property, I noticed a jackrabbit alongside the road.  He first did the “freeze, you don’t see me” thing, and then when I was there for a couple of minutes he looked at me, scratched his cheek, and hung out until I started moving again.  Even then he hopped off, not at breakneck rabbit speed.

There is access to a community well so I will be hauling in potable water which for now, will be stored in food-grade IBC totes.

We will be allowing boondocking, moochdocking, etc. on the property with approval. The property will allow you a safe place to park off-highway that isn’t trashed, with no traffic noise, but still having cell service.

We will be at the location multiple times in the coming months to mark the boundaries, create a path into the area where I intend to camp. hauling water, and working on erosion control.

If you are interested in visiting, please drop us a note!

Lew and Ginny